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We're the Bitner's!


About Us


Thanks so much for visiting our website! We are so happy you're here! 


We're Jon and Tiffany, high-school sweethearts who left our hometown in the suburbs of Chicago after we got married in 2015 and haven't stopped exploring ever since. In fact, we've lived all over the US, from IL to CO to OR to our self-converted camper van, Viv, to SC and now back to Colorado. We live in Boulder and absolutely love living at the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

One thing we've learned throughout all of our travels is that you can make anywhere home. And if you look really hard, you can find SO many hidden gems within the location you are living at to explore without having to leave your own city.

Ollie (little furball) and Baxter (big baby) are our furbabies and truly our children. We don't remember what life was like without them. They are our best friends and our favorite part of every day. They have traveled just about everywhere with us and are great travel companions.

Our goal is to inspire others to travel the world through suggestions, guides, tips & tricks for not only locations that are less traveled, but also how to include your furbabies on all of your adventures. We hope to show that there are incredible places everywhere you go, you just have to know where to look :)

We also share honest feedback about the travel experience as a whole. Not every experience is going to live up to your expectations and sometimes the unexpected experiences completely change your life. It's all about perspective!



  • Older brother

  • Loves his dad more than life itself

  • Obsessed with food - will dance for food

  • Blind in right eye

  • Will lick you to death

  • Most loyal guy around



  • Big-little brother

  • Will pull stuffing out of any toy in under 5 minutes

  • Obsessed with squiggling in snow, sand, & grass

  • Thinks he is the same size as his brother

  • Scared of anything with wheels - bikes, scooters, strollers, etc.

  • Gives the best hugs


  • Has been playing video games since he was 1

  • Beach is his happy place

  • Self-proclaimed nerd

  • Enjoys staring at birds

  • Loves a good book

  • Bucket list destination is anywhere that serves beer



  • Thinks planning trips is fun

  • Mountains are her happy place

  • When getting shaved ice, always gets it without flavor (yep, just plain ice)

  • Constantly listening to piano covers on Spotify

  • Always binging the latest true-crime documentaries

  • Bucket list destination is Switzerland

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