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Traveling Bitner's

Travel Photographers/Writers and Dog Parents


Hi, we're Jon, Tiffany, Ollie, and Baxter!


Best friends and family unit all wrapped up in one. We live in Boulder, CO and are the biggest homebodies. But, we travel a lot. We've lived all over the country from IL to CO to OR to our self-converted campervan, Viv, to SC and now back to CO.


The most important thing we've learned throughout all of our travels is that anywhere can become home and there are an infinite number of hidden gems in every location.


Our goal is to provide suggestions, tips & tricks, guides, and itineraries for your future travels, especially if you are looking for your furbaby to join you! 



Have you ever wanted to plan a trip but didn't quite know where to start? The thought of researching the best activities to do, finding the right place to stay, and determining if the food options will be good can be daunting.

We've totally been there! But, with each blog post, we hope to break down our suggestions and take on a particular National Park, State Park, city, trail, you name it so your future travels are a little less overwhelming!

Documenting our travels through images is one of our favorite activities.

Every image shares a different story.

Every image preserves a specific moment in time.

Every image allows you to relive a memory forever.

How cool is that? Photos are literally the closet thing we have to time travel and we constantly look back at our photos and are transported to that moment!


Looking for adventure ideas to be sent directly to you?

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